The Division SHD agent collectors statue

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A devastating pandemic is sweeping through New York. One by one, the facilities fail. Without water and food, it only takes days for society to collapse. The Division, a standalone covert unit, is deactivated. They may seem like ordinary people, but Division agents are trained to fight alone and save society. The SHD agent is one of them... Ubicollectibles welcomes its newest addition, inspired by Tom Clancy's The Division. The figurine depicts an SHD agent surviving in a New York City, which has been hit hard by a devastating pandemic. Just like in the game, key parts on the agent's body light up: the communicator, the watch and the homing mine. With the switch that is concealed in the snowy base you can turn the statue on and off. Most important features - Highly detailed figurine with realistic texture - 3 different backlit parts: communicator, watch and homing mine - Requires 3 AG13/LR44 batteries (included) - Height: 24 cm - Material: PVC

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